Business planning

Every business has a plan but many are not recorded.

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If you are a business owner, we always recommend that you have a ‘written down’ business plan to help you focus and drive your business activities towards some clearly defined goals.

A good business plan:

  • Describes the business and its vision.
  • Describes who your customer is and what they need from you.
  • Has clearly defined goals for growth and revenue.
  • Has a roadmap for new product or service development.
  • Contains cashflow forecasts and highlights ‘sticky points’ that to be managed.
  • Has a clear marketing plan that outlines how you will attract your target customers and sell to them.
  • Helps you measure actual performance against your plans and targets.

We can help you create your business plan and take you from where you are now through to planning your exit strategy as you approach retirement.

If you’d like to find how we can help you with your business plan, call us today on 01539 720465

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